Analyze Your Sales Data

Know exactly how to improve your sales teams results with the Sales Team Analyzer

Analyze your sales data in just 3 steps:

  • Measure. Learn which metrics to track and how they impact your business.

  • ​Analyze. Define 2-3 metrics that are holding your team back.

  • Impact. Model the impact of specific, achievable improvements and watch your revenue skyrocket.

With this helpful tool, you’ll have the simplest and most effective way to get your sales team on track and producing more revenue than ever before.

Some of Our Clients

Here are what some of our clients had to say...

Rasheed Hammouda

Founder, Bridge

"Our team started working with Vouris to streamline and improve our top of the funnel process/operations. Vouris took a data-driven approach mixed with industry best practices. The most impactful part of working with the team at Vouris was understanding and aligning metrics to people & process management."

Robert Yuen

CEO, Monograph

“We went from 0 salespeople at our company to a full team and a 300% increase in revenue all in 11 months. 3x revenue in 11 months is insane.”

Matt Prados

CEO, ReviewWave

“Kyle is wonderful but he also has a great team behind him. They have been instrumental in putting together tools and systems to monitor the team. Their strategies are very ethical, easy to learn and scalable.”

Hi there! I'm Kyle Vamvouris, the CEO of Vouris. I've had the pleasure of helping over 40 B2B companies build a repeatable sales process, have trained over 1000 salespeople along the way. In addition to my work at Vouris, I've also written two bestselling sales books: "Cold to Committed" and "The Sales Development Framework".

I just created the Sales Team Analyzer to use for our clients and after seeing how impactful it is, we turned it into a template we can share! It will help you skyrocket your sales team's performance.

Click the button below and download the free resource now.

Here are what some of our clients had to say...

Alden Wonnell

CEO, Adverio

"Vouris helped us build a comprehensive outbound strategy. They went above and beyond to teach and provide everything we needed to be successful. We especially enjoy their high-touch communication and professionalism. We would highly recommend the Vouris team to any company that is looking to build a repeatable sales process."

Chris Greco

CEO, Storewise

“Q2 was our best quarter in company history. And 80% of the sales came from the inside sales team that Vouris helped. I believe reaching our full potential is what we were able to do here.”

Lucas Ennis

Head of Sales, WeTravel

"We worked with Vouris for our entire global sales team. They had a huge impact on the team's performance and I'm happy to say we have seen our fastest growth while working with them! I recommend Vouris to anyone looking to improve the effectiveness of their sales team."

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